Oehm&Mayr Labs:  RUB Analog Integrated Circuits and Integrated Systems (1c)

The role of theanalogandintegratedelectronics labs atRUBin the Faculty of Electronic Engineering and Information Technology will be to develop the low power transistor circuit design to integrate the chemsensor and actuators with the supercapacitor power source and volatile memory and to ensure (low-frequency) inter-lablet communication and programmability.  

The groups of  Jürgen Öhmand Pierre Mayr at RUB  have extensive experience with analog and mixed signal work with integrated circuits, also with low power circuits. They will work together closely with electrical engineers inRUB-BioMIPand with theCronin Labto ensure effective electronic circuitry compatible with the 3D micro reactorlabletfab.

Key players in the work were also Dr. Dominic Funke and Lukas Straczek as well as students.

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